The 13 Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019 has established the various list of the world’s most dangerous airlines to fly with, basing them according to rating scale out of seven stars. According to the airlines below, all have a scale rating of two stars and below are blacklisted from the European Union.

The International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is an evaluation system that is designed to access the control system and management of an airline while the ICAO measures the regulations and standards necessary for safety, security, regularity and aviation safety. Usually, most of these airlines lack in-flight products, are terrible in time performance and have been grounded at least once. Particularly, this is due to hijackings, overshot runaways crashes, and bomb threats; these thirteen airlines have a history of unsafety.

#13. Malaysian Airline

Malaysian Airline - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World - World's Most Unsafe Airlines


Malaysian plane accidents have changed into a frequent viewing in the news planes skidding and flights turning back on the runway have become something we come to sort of expect.
According, iconic Malaysian airlines were not among the top 10 unsafest airlines, but they were not among the top 10 safest either. In historic terms, we are not at the top either.

Malaysia Airlines has witnessed more than a series of bad luck in the past few years.

Tragedy struck when the Flight MH17, a Boeing 15 crew members and 777 carrying 280 passengers crashed in Ukraine after it was reportedly being shot by ground to air missile.

The plane, which was cruising at a higher altitude of 33,000, was flying from to Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. It is said to have 295 people on board who died.


The latest crash came after few months since Malaysia Airlines (Flight M370), which was carrying 12 crew and 227 passengers lost its location never to be seen between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, China.

M370 Malaysian Airline Crash - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World - World's Most Unsafe AirlinesAlthough its location has not been identified, officials from both Malaysian airline and the Malaysian government agreed to believe it went off the radar in the South of Indian Ocean and that all 239 people on the plane died.

Two occurrences of such terrible magnitude could be written off as bad luck or a coincidence or bad luck.

But a closer view of the Malaysian airline’s history hints at a more serious explanation: a curse.

Nowadays, tourists generally consider it unsafe to fly on Malaysia Airlines.