The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Mountains

#9. Cerro Torre (Chile and Argentina)

Cerro Torre - Most Beautiful Mountains in the World


The Cerro Torre is a mountain that is situated between Chile and Argentine. The Cerro Torre is the highest mountain among the chain of four mountains. Cerro Torre has an elevation of 10262 feet. This mountain was used as a location in the popular movie, “Scream of Stone” in the year 1991. The mountain is known for its beauty and natural beauty.

It was first ascended by Cesare Maestri in the year 1959, accompanied with Toni Egger. Unfortunately, Toni Egger met a fatal death by the avalanche and with him, the photographs were also lost. Cesare Maestri again went back to claim the mountain in the year 1970 and succeeded using a method, which is now popular as Compressor route.