Kids’ Favorite Lord of The Rings Filming Locations

1. Hobbiton Sam and Frodo’s home, the Shire, was filmed near Matamata. Take a guided tour to Bag End with Hobbiton Tours (

2. Mordor The volcano, Mount Ruapehu inTongariro National Park was just the place for Sauron to plot his domination over Middle Earth.

3. Dimholt Road Closed to all but the Army of the Dead and the heir of Isildur, this haunted passageway was filmed at the Putangirua Pinnacles near Martinborough.

Kids' Favorite Lord of The Rings Filming Locations

4. Pelennor Fields The wide shots for the epic Battle of Pelennor Fields were filmed nearTwizel. Guided tours with local Ores and Rohirrim are available.

5. Rivendell A popular spot for picnics and walking, Kaitoke Regional Park in the Tararua Ranges was the site of Elrond’s tranquil forest refuge.

6. Ford of Bruinen The shallow river where Arwen narrowly escaped the Nazgul is 200 m upstream from Arrowtown.


7. Rohan The rolling hills of the Ida Valley near remote Poolburn Reservoir in Central Otago were used to portray the realm of the Riddermark.

8. Lothlorien Queenstown’s Dart River Safaris ( and Dart Stables ( can transport you into Galadriel’s enchanted forest.

9. Dimrill Dale When the Fellowship escaped from the Mines of Moria they emerged on the lunar-like slopes of Mount Owen, Kahurangi National Park.

10. Fanghorn Forest Look carefully and you may spot an Ent in the dense forests around Marova Lakes, near Te Anau.