10 Useful Tips to Find Cheap Flights

There are many airline companies out there offering every kind of deal for flight booking. If you happen to be a business traveler or your occupation demands constant movement, your priority is obviously to save on your flight fares. There are great tips that you could use to help you secure cheap flights and save your cash.

#10. Use Airfare Search Engines

Use Airfare Search Engines - Tips to Find Cheap Flights


Many people pay expensive air tickets while traveling due to lack of transport alternatives that are as fast. The key to reducing these expenses is to have ample information on cheap air tickets available.

One way of getting such information is by using search engines such as Google FlightsKayak and Skyscanner. These search engines scan through multiple airline websites and return search results on the most affordable fares to your preferred destination.

The advantage of using search engines is that you get more information from different sources at a go. They can access information from unpopular websites that would not normally rank top on your customary search results.

#9. Use Mileage Credit Card

Use Mileage Credit Card - Tips to Find Cheap Flights

If you travel regularly, you can benefit immensely from mileage credit card.

The airline company issues these credit cards as a way of rewarding loyal customers. The card enables one to earn airline miles once they travel. The airline miles can be redeemed to cater for travel-related expenses such as free tickets and hotel stay.

It is not necessary for the airline miles to be equal to the total cost of the expense for you to redeem. You can redeem few points and then top up with cash to cover the whole cost of the service.

Most of these credit card miles do not expire. They remain active as long as the account remains open and in good standing.

#8. Sign Up for Fare Alerts and Airline Newsletters

Sign Up for Fare Alerts and Airline Newsletters - Tips to Find Cheap Flights


One way of reducing the chances of missing special deals is by signing up for airline newsletters. As long as your email address is on the email list of the airline, you will get crucial information and updates on discounts and fare changes.

Most of the discounts expire within a span of 24 hours, so it is important to have the information as an immediate email notification.

#7. Be Flexible with Dates and Times

Be Flexible with Travel Dates and Times - Tips to Find Cheap Flights

Airline ticket prices fluctuate occasionally depending on upcoming holidays and seasons. For instance, the U.S domestic flights are usually cheap on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. During weekends the cost of traveling is usually high due to the high travel traffic caused by businessmen. The cheapest days to travel internationally is on weekdays.

Red-eye flights are also inexpensive. These flights take off after 9 PM and arrive early in the morning. They are usually cheaper since many people do not like to travel during such odd hours. Red-eye flight can be a saving strategy since once they take off, they head directly to the destination without stopping. By using them, you can avoid paying accommodation fees.

If you want to pay low prices, consider traveling when the traffic is low. It is also good to have flexible travel plans so that you can take advantage when the ticket cost is significantly reduced.

#6. Book Flight and Hotel Together


Book Flight and Hotel Together to Save Money


Booking the flight and the hotel as a pack can save you some money. In most cases, some airlines offer hotel discounts if you book the flight with them.

At times you may book the hotel before buying the air ticket. In case you book the flight late, the airline may penalize you. It is advisable that you book both the hotel and the flight together so that you can avoid penalties.

#5. Choose Alternative Airports

Choose Alternative Airports - Tips to Find Cheap Flights

In most cases, people assume that airports located within their residential areas are cheaper compared to those that are far from their towns. They base their view on the fact that a primary airport eliminates the cost of boarding a train or a taxi.

Be flexible enough to use secondary airports since they are usually cheaper. Make sure you compare travel expenses from different airports and settle on the most viable one.

#4. Choose Budget Airlines

Choose Budget Airlines - Tips to Find Cheap Flights


The cost of buying a ticket from a budget airline is usually cheaper compared to that of expensive carriers. One of the reasons why their tickets are cheap is because they do not work with intermediaries.

Budget airlines serve few routes across the world. Before settling for an expensive ticket, do thorough research. If there is a budget airline serving your preferred route, consider settling for it.

Though they are quite economical, they may have hidden charges. If the weight of your luggage is more than the maximum weight for free transport, you will have to pay for the excess. Since budget airlines charge low transportation costs, they tend to add more seats at the public area of their planes. As a result, the space between the chairs may reduce thus making the airline uncomfortable to some people.

#3. Choose Big Cities

Choose Big Cities - Tips to Find Cheap Flights

Airports that serve major cities have enough traffic to fill up planes throughout the day. Due to competition, airlines serving such cities tend to lower ticket costs.

Therefore, the cost of traveling through the major cities is cheaper compared to that of small cities.

For instance, a flight to London is usually cheaper than a flight to Manchester.

#2. Book Two-Way Tickets

Book Two-Way Tickets - Tips to Find Cheap Flights


People assume that the cost of a one-way ticket is half the cost of a round trip. However, in most cases, the cost of buying two one-way tickets is usually much higher than that of a two-way ticket.

Consider purchasing a two-way ticket so that you save money. At times, airline companies might give discounts to those who buy a two-way ticket only. In such a scenario, buy the two-way ticket so that you can get the discount.

#1. Indirect Routes May Be Cheaper

Indirect Routes May Be Cheaper - Tips to Find Cheap Flights

When you analyze the cost of using an indirect route depending on the distance, fuel cost and time, you will realize that they could be way cheaper than direct routes. However, using indirect routes may not be suitable for round trips.

Customers that use indirect routes piss off the airlines who end up canceling their air tickets. If the airline cancels your ticket, you will end up losing since you cannot get a refund for your money. So approach this cheap flight tip with caution. Use it only when it is very necessary.