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Kids’ Favorite Lord of The Rings Filming Locations

1. Hobbiton Sam and Frodo’s home, the Shire, was filmed near Matamata. Take a guided tour to Bag End with Hobbiton Tours ( 2. Mordor The volcano, Mount Ruapehu inTongariro National Park was just the place for Sauron to plot his domination over Middle Earth. 3. Dimholt Road Closed to all but the Army of…

Cape Town 3-Day Travel Plan with Kids

Give Africa a good shake, leave to stand a while and let all the best bits settle at the bottom. It’s almost as if South Africa has distilled everything that is thrilling and remarkable about the continent. You might find wilder national parks in Zambia, the wildebeest migration in Tanzania or emptier roads in Namibia,…

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