10 Cities You Are Most Likely To Be Pickpocketed, According To Tripadvisor

#9. Florence, Italy

Florence - Cities You Are Most Likely To Be Pickpocketed


Florence is a great city and one of the best and most attractive places. Florence is a tourist destination. It is actually one of the best and most admired tourist destinations in Italy. There are many tourists in this region. There is a lot of pickpockets in Florence. These pickpockets work in groups. Sometimes they have babies to confuse visitors and appear less dangerous.

Not every person is a visitor like you, not everyone is looking at the art. Think twice if someone is so friendly to you or causing distractions. Every time you see a big group near a tourist attraction site, avoid that place. They may be potential pickpockets.

The places to avoid include Basilica of San Lorenzo, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Maria, Pitti Palace and much more.