10 Cities You Are Most Likely To Be Pickpocketed, According To Tripadvisor

#10. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona - Cities You Are Most Likely To Be Pickpocketed


Barcelona is one of the most feared cities in the world. This is because there are high chances of being pickpocketed. This is due to unemployment rate in the region. According to TripAdvisor, if you ever visit this town, take care of your wallet and all other items such as bank cards.

You can easily fall a victim of pickpocketing. Pickpockets are found in areas where there are many people especially tourists.

Pickpocket hotspots include train stations, bus stops and other places where there are potential people. Those places include Barrio Gitico, Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya among others. Of course you don’t need to avoid these places. You just need to be on the lookout whenever you’re in these places.