The 20 Safest Airlines in the World 2019

#18. Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia - Safest Airlines in the World

The name alone is alluring. Anyway, this is among the top three airlines in Australia. Its presence is expansive as it covers over 25 cities including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

It also flies to other countries around the world such as the USA, New Zealand, Mexico, England, Canada (Toronto) and Singapore. However, in total it has over 400 destinations. Do not worry about the fare. There are affordable options to these destinations.

Since 2000, Virgin Australia has grown, improving every aspect of its business including safety. You will have some TV to watch and snacks to enjoy. You will definitely love the cozy planes, amazing customer service and your flight in general. The seats are comfortable for the economy, business, and first classes.

Therefore, if you have a tight budget, the economy class would be a comfortable choice for both your body and pocket. If you need to transport some cargo, this airline got your back.


#17. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand - Safest Airlines in the World

The one reason that puts this name on the list of the 20 safest airlines is its customer care criteria. It does not matter the class you book. Each one of them is comfortable enough, but the higher you go the better it gets with more comfort guaranteed.

Actually, according to Stuff website’s report in January 2017, Air New Zealand was mentioned the world’s second safest airline. The report was according to a European airline safety group.

Of course, the airline serves New Zealand people and visitors as well. It also operates in Australia, USA, Cook Islands, and London. It also deals with cargo. Its main area of operations is Auckland, New Zealand. Consider it the best airline from New Zealand.