Americans Are Not Welcome In These 10 Countries

The US passport is the sixth most powerful passport in the world according to the Henley passport index. Americans are privileged because they can travel to about 184 countries with great freedom and flexibility. There are a few countries however that restrict American tourists because of war, civil unrest, or a history of estranged relations between their administrations and that of the United States.

There are also countries that the United States itself blocks its citizens from traveling to. Due to America’s involvement in wars across the globe and especially the war on terrorism, many American visitors may be considered spies and risk being detained by militia or current regimes. Americans in hostile countries may also be taken hostage to derive ransom from their families or the government.

The US Department of State assigns travel advisory on a scale of one to four on American citizens wishing to visit high-risk regions, with four being the most severe. On a few occasions, it completely bans travel to certain countries for the safety of its citizens.

Check out the following 10 countries where Americans are not welcome

#10. Cuba

Americans Are Not Welcome In These 10 Countries - Cuba


The US and Cuba were great adversaries during the cold war, with Russia using the country for its nuclear installations. There never was open diplomatic ties with Cuba for years until the Obama administration normalized relations with the country. Thereafter the region saw an influx of American visitors till 2019 when the parade of cruise ships and flights came to an abrupt stop due to the rules imposed by the Trump administration. Today the country is once again beyond reach for many Americans.

The US Embassy currently lists only 12 approved categories for travel to Cuba mainly being journalism and humanitarian projects. There is no people-to-people travel.